Skin : [PF] - <Vamp> - Doll V2 (Pack #4 - MEGA Pack)

Hair : Moon. Hair - FATPACK - Ginseng@The Seasons Story "New"

Eyes : [Buzz] - Ardent Eyes - Ice

Nose : *Bolson & [ kunst ] - Clown Nose@TAG!Gacha "New"

Headband : *A*DWGacha - PikoPikoBlack(Wear)@TAG!Gacha "New"

Necklace : [tea.s] - Drama Masks Necklace - Silver

Cotton candy : {Imeka} - Sweets of Circus - Cotton Candy {Color 1}@TAG!Gacha "New"

Arm bracelets : *LpD* - *Melly* Upper Arm Bracelets (Mesh)@TAG!Gacha "New"

Tops : *LpD* - *Circus* Top Red Smoke (Mesh)@TAG!Gacha "New"

Skirt : *LpD* - *Circus* Skirt Red Smoke (Mesh)@TAG!Gacha "New"

Ladybug : C L A Vv. - Mechanical Red Bulb Ladybug@TAG!Gacha "New"

Sandals : Ingenue - Angelika Wedges (Maitreya) :: Cherry Stripe@TAG!Gacha "New"



Skin : {Dead Apples} - Lora - Vampire Edition (Bone)

Hair : Blues. - Robin - Rich

Eyes : .tsg. - Charm Eyes - Light Brown

Hat : .Enfant Terrible. - Showstar Hat Green RARE@TAG!Gacha "New"

Choker : .Enfant Terrible. - Star choker Green@TAG!Gacha "New"

Shoulre : .Enfant Terrible. - Showstar shoulder Green@TAG!Gacha "New"

Corset : .Enfant Terrible. - Showstar Corset Green@TAG!Gacha "New"

Panties : .Enfant Terrible. - Showstar Panties Green@TAG!Gacha "New"

Cat : Lassitude & Ennui – The Quirk & Co Traveling Sideshow Cats@TAG!Gacha "New"

Boots : { V I N C U E } - Rainy+Boots - Green "New"
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Fox : Aii + Shoulder Fox Head + Dark , Moon
Horn : .:^AY^:.Ayatori Horm (Red)
Hair : [BURLEY]_Kenny_Platinum01
Eye : Aii + Undead Eyes +
Eye shadow : Clemmm - Insomniac Pack
Mask : Nana - Wiz JD Mask   -NEW- @Suicide Dollz
Necklace : ALTAIR* magatama necklace .black.
Wing : C L A Vv. Tengu Wings Noir RARE
Tattoo : Nana - namida black tatto
Nail : Nana - Claws Hand Slink Gesture
Court : :::Breath:::YAMISODE A   -NEW- @CCB
Belt : tomoto, knot belt 1-line (FAT)   -NEW- @CCB
Pants : Wonton: Nikolai Biker Trousers / Blak
Boots : J's Studded Long boots (Black)
Tail : Not for sale

Mask : Nana : Wiz XX Mask @Suicide Dollz "NEW"
Octopus Scarf : CerberusXing : Tako Scarf (Bloody Red) @Uber "NEW"
Tails : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations : {Thorns~ Blood} tails @Fantasy Faire "NEW"
Coat : Breath : YAMISODE(B) @Creators Collection Box "NEW"
Horn : AYAKASHI YOKOCHO : Ayatori Horn (Gray)
Anchour : United Colors : Bon Voyage Anchour necklace black unisex
Leggings : Nana : Mermaid Red Leggings
Feet Nail : Nana : Incu Succu Black Claws
Bindi : Nana :Bindi Black
Eyebags : clemmm : Eyebags in black
Hands Tattoo : ni.Ju : Mechanic Hands SLINK Appliers
Hair : LeCock : 100 Rock Hair - blonde (mod color)

Tree : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations : {Rakuen} coal-snow tree @Fantasy Faire "NEW"

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[Right : u10]
Hair : ANALOG DOG bound blanched
Hairpin : [CX] Tama-Nami Kanzashi (Yellow) Common   -NEW- @CCB
Hairpin : [CX] Tama-Bira Kanzashi (Copper) RARE   -NEW- @CCB
Scarf : [CX] Leather Scarf (Black)
Bracelet : UNISEX[MANDALA]SANKARA_Bracelet set_Black
Ring : [CX] Basilisk Rings (Gold)
Shirt : *CASHMERE&amp;KEANE*Texan Shirt/MALE(creme)
Belt : tomoto, knot belt dot  -NEW- @CCB
Pants : // SEUL GARCON \\ Hedi Bikers - Leather

[Center : Tomo]
Cardigan : Breath:::PI cardigan
Belt : tomoto, knot belt 1-line  -NEW- @CCB
Pants : AMERIE M - Tweed Harem Pants(Black)

[Left : Ton]
Hair : Damselfly : Victor *Gacha
Shirt : .Fonde. : Lyric Drape Shirt - White
Belt : tomoto, : knot belt stripe @ @Creators Collection Box "NEW"
Pants : United Colors : Taka Pants Black unisex
Tattoo : AITUI : Pretty Birds, Flock [Faded]

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Kanzasi : CerberusXing : Tama-Nami Kanzashi (Black) *Gacha @Creators Collection Box "NEW"
Horns : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations : {Kii~ coal} horns @Fantasy Faire "NEW"
Ear Cuff : C L A Vv. : Feather Tribal Ear Cuff (Mono) @KUSTOM9 "NEW"
Tengu Stuff : C L A Vv. : Tengu Gacha
Black Tokin, Sacred Fan Black, Sacred Geta Wood Male RARE, Tengu Halved Mask Noir, Tengu Wings Noir RARE
Kimono : tomoto, : shibori brown
Pants : Tableau Vivant : Leather skinnies - XS (M) - Black
Kilt : !gO! : nomad kilt - RARE *Gacha
Collar : !gO! : nomad collar - RARE *Gacha
Arm Wraps : DPD : Arm Wraps - Dark *Gacha
Leg Wraps : CerberusXing : Wraps
Hands Nail : Nana : Claws Hand Slink Gesture
Feet Nail : Nana : Incu Succu Black Claws
Hair : CheerNo : Meshair Helena Gray 7.3 (Past item)
Bows : The Sugar Garden : Mini Brows - Black

Shrine : xin. : shinto shrine gacha (Setting by U10)

Poses : Clemmm : Advo, Del May : Just a moment

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Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes : .tsg. Charm Eyes *FATPACK* NEW!
Mouth : .Loud Mouth. - Alli v3.0 (rez to open)
Lip : .tsg. MESH LIPS ONLY ~ Chu Lips - Ichigo LM Applier
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Hair : [LCKY] Maggie // Fatpack NEW!

Dress : Violent Seduction - Strega Dress (Black) NEW!  Kustom 9
Stockings : ALTAIR* royalty stockings .fatpack. (attach me~) NEW! The Kawaii Project
Heel : Violent Seduction - Rose Jail Fatpack (unpacked) NEW!  The Kawaii Project

Glasses : Violent Seduction - Strega Glasses (Black) NEW!  Kustom 9
Hat : Violent Seduction - Strega Hat (Black) NEW!  Kustom 9
Necklace : Violent Seduction - Strega Necklace (Black) NEW!  Kustom 9

Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes : .tsg. Charm Eyes *FATPACK* NEW!
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Mouth : .Loud Mouth. - Alli v3.0 (rez to open)
Lip : .tsg. MESH LIPS ONLY ~ Chu Lips - Ichigo LM Applier
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Selena hair-Fatpack NEW!

Dress : Violent Seduction - Strega Dress (Pink) NEW!  Kustom 9
Stockings : ALTAIR* royalty stockings .fatpack. (attach me~) NEW! The Kawaii Project
Heel : Violent Seduction - Rose Jail Fatpack (unpacked) NEW!  The Kawaii Project

Necklace : ALTAIR* ouija necklace .fatpack. (attach me~) NEW! Black Fashion Fair 2015
Bag : ALTAIR* crown bag .fatpack. (attach me~) NEW! The Kawaii Project
Hat : Violent Seduction - Strega Hat (Pink) NEW!  Kustom 9
Necklace : Violent Seduction - Strega Necklace (Silver) NEW!  Kustom 9
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Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes : .tsg. Luxury Eyes - Silver
Eyeliners : [:T:] Eyeliners
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Ears : UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 (wear me to unpack)*
Hands : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Hair : Alice Project - Thanako - Mega Pack NEW! The Kawaii Project

Dress : *katat0nik* (fudge) Candy Steamer Dress NEW! The Kawaii Project
Tights : antielle. Marchioness Lingerie (Pastel FATPACK) NEW! The Kawaii Project
Heels : [NOIR] Nuts n Bolts - FluffyPack NEW! The Kawaii Project

Ring : Cute Poison - Elysian Ring Fatpack NEW! 100 Block
WristStraps : *katat0nik* (all) Bow Wrist Straps  NEW! COLLABOR88
Doll : RO - The Doll Maker - Evil Lynn Doll NEW! TAG Gacha
Collar : {Imeka} Delicate Skull Set NEW! The Kawaii Project
Headband : . Quirky . - Steamer Headband - ALL THE THINGS NEW! The Kawaii Project
Dog : [Alchemy] Steam Puggy - Kawaii Project - Blog box <3 NEW! The Kawaii Project
Bracelets : Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelets - Fatpack (unpacked) NEW! TAG Gacha
Wing : Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Disgraced Angelic Wings NEW! TAG Gacha
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Headdress : un Jour_cauchemar-BK , cauchemar-WT   -NEW- @CCB
Hair : [INK] Hair___SAKURA ::Beige
Doll head : *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Lily
Doll Body : *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach
Mermaid : {anc} mannequin. Mermaid(Adult)6Li RARE
Pipe : *N*AQUARIUM PIPE KINGYO #3   -NEW- @Fantasy Fair / NAMINOKE booth
Belt : tomoto, knot belt 1-line (FAT)   -NEW- @CCB
Ruffle : un Jour*No Regret*chest

-NEW- @Fantasy Fair / ANC booth
{anc} fountain "lotus" [darkgreenstone] 
{anc} TriangleTiles / Odyssey stone

{anc} bubbles . copy  -NEW- @The Seasons Story

{anc} polarneon / wood
{anc} NOEL. :  frilled furrug / cocoa 2Li
{anc} VintageRosePillow 2Li
{anc} garden. oldbook4Li
{anc} garden. whitebook 4Li

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Sweater : C L A Vv. : Knitted Leathered Sweater Gray @The Mens Dept
Shawl : C L A Vv. : Leather Shawl Gray
Shorts : United Colors : bali Black shorts @The Mens Dept
Sandal : United Colors : Black laced up sandals @The Mens Dept
Backpack : Riske : Bomber SteamPunk Backpack (Limited)
Necklace : ANE : Bony Heart Necklace SILVER with Ruby Heart
Hair : RAW HOUSE : Trilby [Cold Pack]

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Headphone : {anc} tuner. / headphone / blue
Hair : [LCKY] Drugs // DIPPPP* Pack
Doll head : *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Lily(ClosedEyes)
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Mesh Head : .tsg. - Dakota Mesh Head *FATPACK*

Hair : Lamb. - Miss Mabel - Light Blondes Pack@TAG!Gacha "New"

Eyes : .tsg. - Charm Eyes - Black "New"

Choker : [monso] - My Goth Set - Black Choker@TAG!Gacha "New"

Necklace : [monso] - My Goth Set - Chain Necklace (rare)@TAG!Gacha "New"

Bangle : [monso] - My Goth Set - Black Bangle@TAG!Gacha "New"

Wings : Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Disgraced Angelic Wings@TAG!Gacha "New"

Corset : *Tentacio* -  clown corset XS black@TAG!Gacha "New"

Pumps : [NOIR] - Nuts n Bolts - FluffyPack@Kawaii Project "New"



Mesh Head : .tsg. - Yui Mesh Head *FATPACK* "New"

Hair : (r)M Hair - No.32'15 (Blondes)

Eyes : .tsg. - Charm Eyes - Silver "New"

Crown : LaGyo - Crystals crown Silver

Collar : Violent Seduction - Floral Collar Fatpack (unpacked)

Dress : { V I N C U E } & etham - Marielle+Dress - Snow@Black Fashion Fair "New"

Wings : Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Albino Demonic Wings@TAG!Gacha "New"

Platform : .tsg. - Prissy Ruffle Socks - Sheer White
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Skin : [PF] - Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure

Hair : LCKY & Sweet Thing. – Thanako + Sweet Thing. Onigiri Bows – Color Changing RARE@Xiasumi School Event "New"

Eyes : [UMEBOSHI] - Bubble Milk Eye -Cherrywood-@The Seasons Story "New"

Uniform : B.C.C - Spring Day school uniform C ART@The Seasons Story "New"

Backpack : Blah. - (My Doki Doki - Bow Backpack) Black@The 100 block "New"

Socks : . Quirky . - Brr Winter Socks

Heels : Blah. - (My Sweet Bunny Heels) Black@Anybody "New"



Skin : (*ANGELICA) - APRIL :milktea: #5 sakura@The Seasons Story "New"

Hair : ""D!va"" - Hair "Kelly" (Ruby)@The Seasons Story "New"

Eyes : [UMEBOSHI] - Bubble Milk Eye -Cherrywood-@The Seasons Story "New"

Teeth : [UMEBOSHI] - Teeth V1@The Seasons Story "New"

Backpack : Blah. - (My Doki Doki - Bow Backpack) Baby Pink@The 100 block "New"

Uniform : B.C.C - Spring Day school uniform B@The Seasons Story "New"

Socks : .tsg. - Princess Socks - White

Pumps : ::LC:: - Working Girl Pump Nude
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[ keke ] potted magnolia - pink   -NEW- @The Seasons Story
Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy   -NEW- @TAG Gacha

@Arcade (March)
xin. apartment building RARE
xin. futon bed + rare
xin. mahjong table + rare (decorative)
xin. chinese divider
xin. television table
xin. mahjong tiles case
xin. vintage television
xin. desk fan + blue
xin. antique dresser
xin. turtle container
xin. bamboo floor mat

xin. industrial numbered cabinet
xin. industrial push cart
xin. wall supply holder
xin. rope shelf

xin. coffee tray + open
oyasumi / chinese take out

{vespertine} record wall shelf
{vespertine} pink paper lantern
{vespertine} midori record player /blush
{vespertine} record shelf/floor unit 2

The Loft - Scattered Records
The Loft - Tyla Rod Lights
Soy. Scattered music scores
:CP: Composition Notebook
:CP: Nile Rug Gold
7 - Look Closely
7 - Unstrung Classical Guitar
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2
(fd) Cat - 12 Curious
tarte. boho wall art
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial

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Hat : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations : {Mr. 06} tophat @Wayward Hunt
Shirt : C L A Vv. : Joker Shirt Dotted Crem
Pants : tag. : berma gotti -dark @Black Fashion Fair "NEW"
Bag : NAMINOKE : MOJOBAG (waist) #16 *Gacha @Create Your Own Tarot "NEW"
Jacket : [SG*] : 4Minute Jacket/ Brown (big) TMD 3rd Gift @The Mens Dept
Shoes : Mikunch : Mens hunting boots
Hair : BURLEY : Ned Brown02

NAMINOKE : MagicianSet @Create Your Own Tarot "NEW"
MAGICIAN'S TABLE, WAND of MAGICIAN(no texture anim / add)
BananaN : antasy items gacha
Heart cabinet RARE, Wall light, Rabbit face chair, Branch with clocks, Stone bench with wings, Goat face chair

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Cape & Shirt : C L A Vv. : Ferosh v2 - Shirt, Flowey Cape"NEW"
Pants : C L A Vv. : Leather Skinny Pants Black "NEW"
Wings : C L A Vv. : Mechanical Insect Wings Mystery RARE @TAG! Gacha "NEW"
Hair : KoKoLoReS : Hair - Harper - Hud 01 - @We Love Role-Play!
Binoculas : O.M.E.N : BINOCULARS brown (Past item)
BOOTS : Covered : Stomp Boots-Black (Shop Unknown)

Poses : Inertia : all that sound, Falling 2 @Pose Fair

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Hair : *Dura-Boy*60  -NEW-
Hair base : 05.[LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.02L (Platinum)
Tattoo : *Bolson / Tattoo Blogger Pack - Osiris
Pipe : [CX] DragonClaw Pipe Black (Ebony)  -NEW- @TAG Gacha
Jacket : ::GB::Zipped Biker Jacket*   -NEW- @KUSTOM9
Pants : AMERIE M - Mesh Skinny pants_Black
Pose : MMMA_1502_mirror

Apple Fall Barber Shop  -NEW- @TAG Gacha
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[Left : u10]
Shawl : C L A Vv. Leather Shawl Gray
Hair : [taketomi]_Nobu_GGTone04
Collar : [CX] Skin Deep Remake (Cesium)   -NEW- @KUSTOM9
Globe : .Shi : Fingerless Glove [UNISEX] RARE
Kimono : :::Breath:::WASOU2015(garaichi)   -ComingSoon- @CCB
Belt : tomoto, knot belt black   -ComingSoon- @CCB
Bat : [CX] Savage Bat (Belt)   -NEW- @The End Event
Pants : [monso] My Biker Jeans - Blue
Geta : :::LP::: Geta Sandals - Blue
[Right : Honshu]
Hair: Action - Inkubator
Glasses: Contraption - Half Moon Glasses
Piercings: [CX] - Nailed It
Septum: [CX] - Venom Septum
Fur: David Heather - Mio Fur Stole
Kimono: :::Breath::: - WASOU2015 (ComingSoon@CCB)
Pants: Chronokit - Cropped Sarrouel Pants
Wraps: [CX] - Arm &amp; Leg Wraps
Geta: C L A Vv. - Sacred Geta
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Terror (TAG! Gacha)

Inertia - The Railings and poses   -NEW- @Pose Fair 2015

Photo by Honshu
The New and the Old
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Glasses : Wonton : Cobalt Mykita Round Frames 10% @N21 "NEW"
Shirt : Wonton : Distressed Denim Buttonup / Indigo s @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Shoes : Wonton : Alexei Lowtop Sneakers / White @KUSTOM9 "NEW"
Hair : Yasyn : Greater - Cafe Pack Soy
Shorts : not so bad . : HOANI shorts . white
Watch : SORGO : SO Watch / CARBON
Bag : David Heather : Kababagga Satchel/Black

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Tattoo : G.ID : Sixth Sense Tattoo @Suicide DollZ "NEW"
Mask : NAMINOKE : HANNNYA KURO @Xiasumi School Festival "NEW"
Pants : SEUL GARCON : Vintage Ripped Denim - Black Wash @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Hair : Tableau Vivant : Keiran - Dip dye
Eye Tattoo : Clemmm : Eyebags
Belly pierce : GABRIEL : Achilleus Belly pierce (Group Gift)
Boots : Deadwool : Patmos boots - black
Teeth : ILLMATIC : The Perfect Teeth - Gold Vamp Caps

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Hoodie : DIRAM : RITCH Hoodie - Gris @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Pants : DIRAM : RITCH Pant - Gris @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Jacket : DIRAM : JUSTIN Jacket - Leather @The Mens Dept
Shoes : BALKANIK 2.0 : OPIUM #Black @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Hair : little bones> : Bomb - Landslide(Past item)
Headphone : The Forge : Horny Bass-terd. (Apoc)
Goggles : Obscure : Wayfarer Goggles - DarkGrey
Gloves : Nana : Evil Boxing Black Glove
Potato Chips : [mp nh] : potato snack bag&chips

Poses : Le Poppycock : *Air Waves* Male/Unisex @The Chapter Four
Crouch pose : Leechouette

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x x x
Hair : .Olive. - the Tumble Hair RARE@TAG!Gacha "Soon"

Eyes : Clemmm - 16mm Eye  /// Mutated  Coal@TAG!Gacha "Soon"

Pipe : [CX] - DragonHead Pipe Gold (Mahogany) Mouth - RARE@TAG!Gacha "Soon"

Corset : Fawny - Lady of the Show.Body (Black)@TAG!Gacha "Soon"


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o413 LEFT

Skin : Glance Skins

Hair : [LCKY] - Iki // FATPACK "New"

Lips : [PF ] - INK Lipstick/LipGloss

Glasses : .random.Matter. - Hastings Glasses - Black ((BOXED))

Bag : Soy. - NS belt bag [black]@The Seasons Story "New"

Jacket and Skirt : [DAMI] - Boxyfit denim jacket FATPACK@The Seasons Story "New"

Boots : FLite. -Aviators Raven (N/A)



Skin : ItGirls

Hair : [taketomi] - Kaito_Fatpack (wear)

Lips : NOX. - Acid Lip [Indigo]

Earrings : LaGyo - Charlotte earring Black/Gold@C88 "New"

Septum : .Pekka. - Marcia septum - gold

Shades : ::LC:: - Coke Bottle Shades -Gold [Black]

Tops : SPIRIT - Birdy top [PRINT PURPLE]@The Seasons Story "New"

Pants : SPIRIT - Birdy pants [PURPLE]@The Seasons Story "New"

Pumps : ::LC:: - Mila Pump BRIGHTS FATPACK
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o412 LEFT

Skin : {Dead Apples} - Lora - Vampire Edition (Bone)

Hair : [kik]hair - Peggy(blonde pack)

Eyes : [UMEBOSHI] - Bubble Milk Eye -Willow-@The Seasons Story "New"

Choker : Blah. - ( My Penta Choker ) Gold

Backpack : [NOIR] - Third Eye Backpack - Darks@The Chapter Four "New"

Cardie : TwistCandy - Cardie w LapinParka(Blue)@The Seasons Story "New"

Stocking : ALTAIR* - starry sky stockings .black.@The Seasons Story "New"

Socks : TwistCandy - Lace socks(White)@The Seasons Story "New"

Shoes : TwistCandy - Rubber sole shoes(Black)@The Seasons Story "New"



Skin : [PF] - <Vamp> - Doll V2 (Pack #4 - MEGA Pack)

Hair : +Spellbound+ - Kiki // Grimoire : Complete {WEAR} "New"

Eyes : [UMEBOSHI] - Bubble Milk Eye -Poppy-@The Seasons Story "New"

Teeth : [UMEBOSHI] - Teeth V1@The Seasons Story "New"

Collar and Earrings : RO - Helvetica - Collar and Earrings Container@C88 "New"

Rings : !Blah. - (My Cute Vampaia Ring) Black

Bag : ASO! - Petite Square (fullpack)@The Seasons Story "New"

Outfit : .Atomic. - {Sweetheart} FluffyPack@The Seasons Story "New"

Heels : RO - Helvetica Heels - Blueberry Container@C88 "New"
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Shirt : etham : Miguel Thermal Shirt - Black - @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Pants : Blank Line : Roll-up Pants_LightDenim @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Shoes : 2REAL : ARTFEX LMT @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Backpack : Covered : Worn BackPack @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Watch : kunst : Schism watch / classic @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Hair : INK : COSMOS-B :BD *Gacha
Suspenders : BarmaleY : suspenders (Past item)

Poses : Inertia : Step on it @Pose Fair "NEW"

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xin. : pottery studio gacha @The Seasons Story "NEW"
pottery studio + rare, electric wheel, wooden stool, tile press, wedging table, ceramics oven,
ceramic vase, ceramic pots, ceramic bowls (1 stack), stacked cups, ceramic vases (triple),
square vases, stacked ceramic plates, drying shelf, ceramic bowls (several)

MadPea : Bonsai Gacha : Hime, Kaidan, Kasa, Kasai, Kojiki, Tsume, Hizashi RARE
Zigana : floorwood table
Thaleia : Garden Faucet with Hose-green
vespertine : tile skipping path/garden

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Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes : [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Coyote
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Eyeliners : [:T:] Eyeliners
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Tattoo : DAPPA - Dark Khaos Tattoo. NEW! Suicide Dollz
Hair : [taketomi]_Porsha_Fatpack (wear) NEW! Season Story

Sweatshirt : [monso] My Sweatshirt - Navy (girls) NEW! 
ShortPants : (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts - pale blue -ombre green
Stockings : *Linc* Half Stockings 2 Black
Boots : Nana - Dyby Boots FATPACK NEW! 100 block

Choker : [ abrasive ] Loose Belt Choker - Black NEW! Suicide Dollz
Chain : :(SH): Thigh Chains
HairBow : RO - Briar Bow Headband - Plain Purchase Container

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Skin : (*ANGELICA) APRIL :latte: #6 girly pink RARE NEW! The Seasons Story
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Hair : LCKY & Sweet Thing. - Thanako NEW! Xiasumi School Festival

Outfit : [MotiAme] Strappy Suspender Skirt NEW! The Seasons Story
Socks : [LDP] Toeless Socks (GREY)
Loafer : [monso] My Horsebit Loafer - Black NEW! The Mens Dept

Bag : ASO! Petite Square (fullpack) NEW! The Seasons Story
Necklace&Earrings : ASO! SAKURA necklace&earrings NEW! The Dressing Room FUSION

//elephante poses// Unbreakable NEW! Pose Fair
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Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo B tone
Eyes : .tsg. Snowfall Eyes - Light Brown
Eyeliner : [:T:] Eyeliners
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Mouth : .Loud Mouth. - Alli (Rez to open)
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet (APPLIERS) (WEAR TO UNPACK)
Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hair : +Spellbound+ Kiki // Grimoire : Complete {WEAR} NEW!

Tops : .tsg. Bustier - White NEW!
Bottom : .tsg. Fancy Shorts - Light Denim NEW!
Sandal : REIGN.-Boho Beaded Sandals- RARE

Necklace : alterego I cute drippy necklace - teal
Gun : Cute Poison - Raygun! Static Version (blue) NEW! Xiasumi School Festival

Skin : .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes : .tsg. Luxury Eyes - Light Brown
Eyeliner : [:T:] Eyeliners
Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Mouth : .Loud Mouth. - Alli {Closed} (Rez to open)
Hand : Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack of All
Feet : Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hair : [INK] Hair___SAKURA ::Blonde/Milktea NEW! Xiasumi School Festival

Tops : .tsg. Bustier - Sherbert NEW!
Skirt : .tsg. Flowey Skirt - Sherbert NEW!
Blouse : Violent Seduction - Lolita Blouse (White) (unpacked)
Socks : .tsg. Prissy Ruffle Socks - Solid White
Platforms : .tsg. Ruffle Platforms - White - SLINK Flat

Bag : .tsg. Rattan Bag - Cream NEW!
Hat : .tsg. Rattan Hat - Straw Type 1 NEW!
Bracelet : .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Necklace : Quirky ~ Twinkle Jewelry Set - Orange
Belly Chain : *MUKA* Ari Belly Chain NEW! anyBODY
Ankle Chain : *MUKA* Ari Ankle Chain NEW! anyBODY

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Hair : Tableau Vivant : Mokuzai hair Naturals I @Xiasumi School Festival "NEW"
Shirt : Tableau Vivant : Drape shirt - Brown @Xiasumi School Festival "NEW"
Apron : Tableau Vivant : Woodworking Apron @Xiasumi School Festival "NEW"
Pants : !APHORISM! : High Waisted Flared Pants - Grey Velvet @The Liaison Collaberative (Open 15th April. Soon!) "NEW"
Bracelet(Left) : MANDALA : LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Cuff(Right) : Just Design : Leather Cuff 2 1 G @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Bug Bulbs : C L A Vv. : Mechanical Bulbs Insects Gacha @TAG! Gacha (Open April 17th. Soon!) "NEW"
Dragonfly RARE, Ant Bulb Red
Horns : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations : {Tangled~ bark} horns
Necklace : ATTIC : Bulb Necklace (White Pointy) *Gacha
Belt : PFC : Role Belt - Druid (white) *Gacha
Leg Branch : May's Soul : branch leg RARE *Gacha
Bottle : Sweet Lies : Hador Water Bottle - 3 *Gacha
Tattoo : the plank : Native Indian American - Crow Feather (Past item)

Poses : Le Poppycock : *Sitting Pretty* Careless Fingers, Underrated *Gacha @Pose Fair "NEW"

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Artisan Fantasy : Stony Hollow Woodworker Collection *Gacha @The Arena "NEW"
Workbench RARE, Woodworker Caddy RARE, Woodworker Table Tools, Hollow Stool
Chisel Rack, Auger Rack, Clamp Rack, Hammer Rack, Planer Rack, Wood Stack

Dust Bunny : engineer's lamp 2, lumberjack's axe 1, researcher's chair *Gacha
Second Spaces : Solo Sink w/mirror (dark)
vespertine : birdwatcher nest

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Goggles & Flask : MeshedUp : Goggles BLACK, Flask BLACK @The Arena "NEW"
Protectors & Pants : Luas : MARKUS GACHA @The Arena "NEW"
Trouser Black, Belt RARE, Belt RARE, Pauldrons Black
Earring & Septum : CerberusXing : Blade Earring, Septum (Silver) @The Arena "NEW"
Hair : KoKoLoReS : London Calling *dichromic*
Neck Warmer : monso : My Neck Warmer - Black
Tanktop : R3VOLT : Scott Tank [V3]
Chest Belt : (epia) : Auxiliary Chest Belt
Belt : On A Lark : RPGear - All Purpose Belt M Blk *Gacha
Boots : DRD : Bum boots dark @The 100 Block "NEW"
Wings : SWaGGa : Eli Wing - Normal
Hands : DRD : demonhands male
Tattoo : G.ID : Freya Tattoo-70%
Teeth : ILLMATIC : The Perfect Teeth - Platinum Vamp Caps

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CerberusXing tsg Naminoke The Kawaii Project Nana tomoto C L A Vv. monso Taketomi Tableau Vivant Le Poppycock Sweet Thing CURELESS [+] Ayashi REMARKABLE OBLIVION katat0nik LCKY Violent Seduction ALTAIR Dura Epic elephante poses {vespertine} ANGELICA C.C.Kre-ations / XIAJ / G.ID Buzz RO .Shi junk. Blah Xin. oyasumi Silvery K Spellbound Suicide Dollz BURLEY Cute Poison {-Maru Kado-} Beusame:: MUKA ASO! Inertia Pekka Melon Bunny Apple Fall The Seasons Story VinCue Wonton HEXtraordinary nefarious.inventions MotiAme - .HoD. - Clemmm VALE KOER violetta. Atomic Cureless SOURIRES TATTOOS konpeitou D.A Quirky un Jour DYNASTY more more PinkFuel random Matter Lethal APHORISM Birdy Dead apple Mikunch NS Nox. ORIGAMI [Breno] tea.s B.C.C CR Remnant. Dark Days W-ZERO kirin ..::( siratama )::.. .r.M. Kustom9 LaGyo SONG Wednesday little bones mignon Lootbox PANTSU HUNTER PiAD Reverie UBUME x ORIGAMI W&R olive Buttery Toast GAMI GACHA KAGAMI QweenB REIGN The Big Show [ zerkalo ] alterego tag. Bon Voyage CUREMORE Le Primitif Level Up Lovely Disarray Mement mori Nox Reckless SOUEN Slink TRUTH TaketomiWEST Tentacio Zenith kurenai .:revival:. AYAKASHI YOKOCHO Amai COLLABOR88 DIRAM Japonica-和物市- Lubbly Jubblies Mato. THE NIGHTMARE The Arcade [Soul Mates] antielle elska se//mi tram +PIERO+ ContraptioN Dead Apples FaMEShed FreshFace HEX APPEAL Loud Mouth Lovey Dovey MANDALA MYNX QE Designs SNAP Ten Thousand & Co. The Mens Dept Wednesday[+] Anatomy BunBun Candy Fair Chary Cosmetic Fair Dark Style Fair Del May Due Enchantment FLite Fantasy Gacha Carnival Kawaii PonPon MUDSKIN Milk Moon Amore Occult PANIK SweetThings Thalia Heckroth The Naightmare The Secret Hideout Wasabi Pills [tanakamura - kagu] darkendStare eSSe junk *:..eyecandy..:* 2PM 8f8 ARISE AUTOPSY Aii Bella Elephante Cocoon GABRIEL LAZY DAY Lelutka Lolas MYMX Magika Maru Kado May's Soul N21 PINK HUSTLER ROMP SU! SaNaRae Salem Soonsiki Space Mermaid The Chapter Four The Epiphany The Gacha Garden The Gacha Mania The White Crow Trap VN Whimsical kik taikou tapi theSkinnery !lamb. (r)M 1 Hundred 10T&Co 11:11 A&A AMITOMO ARGRACE Alchemy BOILDEGG Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute CCB DISORDERLY District 5 Drot EatersComa Enfant Terrible Entwined Essences FOXCITY Fawn's Demise Go & See Go&See HAPPY DISPATCH Hair fair Half-Deer Imeka Japonica Kowai PonPon LAB737 LOVE SOUL MALO MATSURI Manga fair NO CONSEPT O.M.E.N Oh My Gacha Oh My Gacha! Once Upon a Nightmare PINGPONG PSYCHO:Byts Panic of Pumpkin Pastel Goth Fair ROM Re:japonica Rotten Toe RunAway Design Sad November Sakura Skin Fair So-Hai Sooth Stardust StrawberryJam Summerfest The Cookish Fair The Forge UMEBOSHI adored kokorotayori lamb mimpi ni.ju parfait uber (NO) (r)M Hair .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. 1mm 22769 6DOO 6Republic 6º Republic ::K:: ::no13:: AITUI Aesthetica Air Ariskea AsteroidBox BLANK LINE BMS Besom Bodify Bokeh Bossie Boudoir BubblePoP C'est la vie CHERISH CMYK COCO Cannibelle CheerNo Cole's Corner D!va DROP. Deadwool DeeTaleZ Dilly Dolls Dirty Secrets Doe E hsh EMO-tions ERSCH Eaters Coma Eliavah Erotigacha Evermore Exile Fashiowl poses Fruct0se Gacha Gang/Cold Glance HAIKEI Happu Undead Happy Undead Hazy Hello Sunshine Fair Hentai Fair Hollipocket Howl ILLMATIC INVADER ISON Illusions Infiniti Insomnia Angel Intrigue Co Just Gigi KDC KIRA KIRA -Twinkle star Party KOOQLA Kibitz Kimono Magazine AKATSUKI Kings & Queens Knot & co. L'Accessoires LOTUS LOVE RE ME LeLuck Les Sucreries de Fairy Limit8 Loud LovelyAlien Luas Luckies L’accessoires M-NUS MAGIC NOOK MICHAN MOMOCHUU MOON MORAN MadPea MaiOwn! Maitreya Memo Meva MishMish Moon Elixir Moon Rabbit Mouth NEO Japan NOIR NOMAD NRage Studio NV NamiiChu Ninety Notice Me Senpai Nova N°21 OMG OUAN Oneword Pink Acid Pink Sugah Pixicat PopTart Purple Candy RK Poses RMK RMN Razor Redeux SAIKIN SOLA FESTA SORGO SOURIRES TATOOS SPECTRUM SPELL SPIRIT SUGARJAM Scrub Season of the Witch She & Him Sintiklia Spartin Parx Poses SpiritStore Suger TEN TKW Tee*fy The tsg The Black Fair The Candy Shop The Coven The Epi The Freak Show The Labyrinth The ShowRoom The Skinnery The Thrift Shop Thrift Shop UTILIZATOR UtopiaH WE <3 RP WTG We Love Role-Play WickedNight Yummy ami-ami amiga amigo ayame ame barberyumyum comet eBENTO erratic fashionably dead fd gO geek hedora iD moss&mink mystical fae forest pr!tty sexZ slterego whatever who what

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