Hat : violetta. : yamataka hat (Monotone B) @CREATORS COLLECTION BOX "NEW"
Hair : *Drot* : -Edward- Blonde
Coat : ::Mr.Poet:: : Drape great coat - Black
Kimono : tomoto, : kimonoM deep sky blue @CREATORS COLLECTION BOX "NEW"
Collar : Noble Creations : Winter Furry Collar- Black (Group Gift)
Boots : [Deadwool] : Strider boots - black -
Pipe : [CerberusXing] : Serpent's Pipe (Mouth) Rough Gold
Watch : {Sleepy Eddy} : Pocket Watch Necklace (Black) (Gacha)
Waist Bag : =Zenith= : Black Leather waist Bag
Gloves : FATEwear : Glove - Dexter - Void
Bag : -David Heather- : Luggage Style Gacha - Tassel Briefcase/Black
Seal : { L o v e f o x } : Phantom Destruction, Warding, Magic (Gacha)
Dragon : *katat0nik* : (spooky) Cloud Dragon, (Negative) Dragon RARE (Gacha)
Face Tattoo : Oni Tatoo-Kunoi (Pastitem)
Neck Tattoo : Soulbeats : Tattoo AtFlight
Halo : .::Cubic Cherry::. : {Zee} halo ~ shadow G
Ears : [MANDALA] : STEKING EARS Season 5

- Decor -

{anc} : Confetti. blow [yellow gold]
{anc} : garden. oldbook (Gacha)
{anc} : picnic / flower wind turbine yellow (Gacha)
*alirium* : DwarfForest [OldGold]
*alirium* : tiny forest : green
HPMD* : floorArt01 - yellow

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Outfit : - D I R A M - : KANYE Outfit @The Mens Dept
KANYE Jacket,Shirt&Gloves - Gris
KANYE Big Fur - Black
KANYE Coat - Pied de Poule
KANYE Pant - Gris

Hair : taketomi : Bobby - Balayage
Piercing : HOUSE OF DARCY : DraciM - Slide, Bones - Slide @We Love Role Play
Shoes : [Iruco] : Formal Shoes
Hones : .ARISE. : Band Horns / Stripes (Gacha)
Collar : Mato, : bird's nest collar gold (Gacha)
Necklace : AZOURY : Necklace Essence (Carbon )
Ears : [MANDALA] : STEKING EARS Season 5
Hell Hound : Alchemy : Hell Hound - Oblivion RARE (Gacha)

Poses : [Iruco] : Pose i 26

- Decor -
RAMA : #selfie RAMA Marble Corner
{anc} : 8) Looking-glass. {oval mirror} gold (Gacha)
Apple Fall : Stone Artichoke - Lichen

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The Kawaii Project
[Mello] Bubbles
Faenzo Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace
Lovely Disarray - Perverse Collar + Scarification
Salvadori - Fatpack 'Seashell' Patent Leather Bag
*DD* Bellan Wristbands {Dark}
{S0NG} :: Sol Eyes **Fatpack**
.tsg. Morgan Skin+Mesh Lips - A Tone
{Imeka} Tree

{VINCUE} Zattie+Dress - Bitter FP

CURELESS [+] Devilkin Wings FATPACK (v.1)

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Hair : : Boz-Hair Dark brown
Antlers : +Half-Deer+ : Noire Antlers Gacha - Birds of a Feather 1
Scarf : -DRD- : scarf
Coat : tomoto, : hoodie coat @The Mens Dept
Pants : kal rau : Casual Jeans M2 Washed (Past item)
Shoes : ::ROC:: : Canvas Sneaker! High
Squirrel : Pink Acid : Squirrel Empty Hands Brown (Gacha) @The Chapter Four
Acorn : Mato, : My diorama Town Gacha - Acorn-bud (Brown)

- Decor -

8f8 : No Place of Ours - Autumnal @Deco(C)rate
Mato, : My diorama Town 10, My cup & Acorns - dropped
ionic : madera para el frio (Gacha) @The Chapter Four
Kalopsia : Book Pile Lamp
Kalopsia : Tag Lines
Kalopsia : Cherry Leaves Flying
HPMD* : MakeMesses!-Dried Flower-, -Fallen Leaves -
HPMD* : Halloween Umbrella - yellow B1
HPMD* : Garden Vine02 - green
JIAN : Squirrel Feeder
JIAN : Red Fox Burrow
*alirium* : DwarfForest [OldGold]
*alirium* : Goblin : green
Sari-Sari : Wood Slab Path (Autumn)
Dust Bunny : storybook living Gacha - bakers' boy farthing
Dust Bunny : wanderlust Gacha
ivy apothecary cabinet
blanket ladder
branch chandelier
twig frame

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Violent Seduction - Mnemosyne

The Kawaii Project
.tsg. Morgan Skin+Mesh Lips - A Tone
[LCKY] Nami // Fatpack
{S0NG} :: Sol Eyes **Fatpack**
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*Epic* Kowai.Kawaii Platform.Kreepers! {Black}[Vendor]
*Epic* So.Sad Off-Shoulder Dresses! {Color.Pack.1} [Vendor]

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Anri hair-Fatpack(for bloggers)

[-p-] Candy-Tongue [PURP-STRIPED]
[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Coyote
.random.Matter. - Chapman Helmet - v1 - Green [WEAR ME]
.tsg. Rei Skin A Tone

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C L A Vv. Unicorn Horns (unpacked)
C L A Vv. Thorn Crowns (unpacked)
ALTAIR* reimi collar .fatpack. (attach me~)

[Plain] #taketomiWEST - Taylor - Fatpack (add)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*QweenB* Finn
*QweenB* Finn Fur Drape - RARE
*QweenB* Finn Shorts - Black - RARE
*QweenB* Finn Top - Black - RARE

10T&Co.51'M-Chop G-BED Pro Pack /

.tsg. Ikki Applier for Catwa Dyana *OMEGA* - A Tone
.tsg. Ikki Lipstain Omega Applier *FATPACK*
.tsg. Rei Skin A Tone
{S0NG} :: Thea // Aqua Eye
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Hair : .:CHEVEUX:. : M082 Hair Partymix
Coat : GABRIEL : Long Hodie & coat ( Poket in type) Black /Gray*
Pants : [ Excellence ] : Jeans Moscow Black
Shoes : REPRESENT - Lug High-Top Boots "White"
Lips : violetta. : -male meshlips 01 (natural)Yve
Glasses : The Wriggeslworth Residence : Poppy Sculpted Eye Glasses
Necklace : Dead Apples : Antlers Chain Necklace - YingYang/Golden (Gacha) (Shop Unknown)
Earbuds : Volmaak : Earbuds

- Decor -
floorplan. : arched window
Shutter Field : metal planters - group gift
Soy. : Trampled Papers

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[ center : Pink : tomo ]
Dress : Mato, dress anna - muji (special color for FATpack)
Hat : Mato, acorn hat greige
Collar : Mato, // bird's nest collar_gold

Hair : *barberyumyum*72XV(brown)
Meshlips : violetta. -female horror mesh lips (RARE01
Teeth : violetta. - teeth01
Boots : *Tentacio* Bohemian boots brown

[right : Camel : u10]
Hat : Mato, apple hat FAT
Collar : Mato, // bird's nest collar_wood02
Dress : Mato, dress anna - muji FAT
Nail : [PiAD] Starry sky nail FAT F

Flowercrown : {-Maru Kado-} Flower crown_White  -NEW- @The Project7
Flower : *NAMINOKE*SweetAutumnClematis  -NEW- @TFC
Hair : [taketomi]_Quele_WomensGGHair
Socks and boots : Mikunch / Hunting boots
Balloon : CURELESS+AMORE / Surrealisme / La Fontaine / GOLD
Cat : *katat0nik* (orange / heart) Tendril Kitty  -NEW- @SaNaRae
Cake : Halloween witch Mont Blanc poche  -NEW- @Panic of Pumpkin 2016 in Okinawa

[ left : Turquoise : Ton ]
Hair : [BURLEY] : Octavia
Hat : Mato, : acorn hat peach (Gacha) @The Seasons Story "NEW"
Dress : Mato, : dress anna - muji turquoise @The Seasons Story "NEW"
Collar : Mato, : bird's nest collar red (Gacha) @The Seasons Story "NEW"
Shoes : .Method. : Penny Loafer Pumps brown
Bag : COCO : PearlStrapMiniBag CoralRed
Brooch : *AvaWay* : Cherry Brooch (Gacha)
Lips : violetta. : female skin001(C) lips(OR)t

- Decor -

-NEW- @C88
{vespertine}-leafy groundcovers

Apple Fall Market Barrow - Fields
Apple Fall Pumpkin Assortment 1,2,3,4

-NEW- @The Crossroads.
Apple Fall Kent Wall Set

-NEW- @Shiny Shabby
Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair

Apple Fall Balloons & Cake
Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway Set
-tres blah- Soiree - Curtain Backdrop
:poche applepancake&appletea
HPMD* Rocks in the forest (L/dirty)
HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights

nefarious.inventions. : brunchtime.regrets Gacha

*Tentacio* : Fall delight. Gacha - Pancake tower @The Seasons Story "NEW"

DISORDERLY&CURELESS : Bunnyful Autumn Gacha @The Seasons Story "NEW"
Basket of Sweets RARE
Tower of Sweets RARE
CRATE / Cinnamon Roll / Polka Dot
CRATE / Bunny Roll White
CRATE / Bunny Roll Toasted
PLATE / Bunny Roll White
PLATE / Bunny Roll Toasted
PLATE / Cinnamon Roll
SERVING BLOCK / Bunny Roll White
SERVING BLOCK / Cinnamon Roll
DISPLAY STAND / Bunny Roll Toasted

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161021 Dura

Hair : *Dura-B&G*73-MIX D  -NEW- @Haus of Swag 2016
Glasses : BALACLAVA!! Kip Glasses (cream') - wide nerdy (old GG)
Jacket : [monso] My Oversize Bomber - Khaki
Pants : not so bad . LUCA jeans . used stone
Shoes : [vershe] T2 (Zebra)
Bag : C L A Vv. The War Dufflebag Black

Decor :
-NEW- @C88
{vespertine}-leafy groundcover / flying yellow
{vespertine} - park bench /kaki green

DRD studios set street
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161018 [CerberusXing]


Horn : [CerberusXing] Spindle Antler - Raven -NEW- @The Seasons Story
Chain : [CerberusXing] Threadbare Exclusive Left -NEW- @The Epiphany
Knife : [CerberusXing] Bloodbone Cleaver (Clean) -NEW- @Memento Mori
Spiked : [CerberusXing] Spiked Gladiator - Black (Black) -NEW- @Salem
Shoes : [CerberusXing] Piton Pumps - Black (Black)
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161015 PIERO

-NEW- @The Epiphany
Jacket : 1+PIERO+ Jacket /  Maitreya / RARE
Romper : 2+PIERO+ Romper / Black /  Maitreya / RARE
Belt : 6+PIERO+ Belt Book / Black /  Maitreya
Bandage : 10+PIERO+ Bandage / White with Blood /  Maitreya

Avatar : *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach
.Peach_(1)_UpperBody(Cutout)_COCOFashionDoll (HoodedCoat)
Head : *COCO*_FashionDoll_VampHead_Peach  -NEW-
Hand,Feet : *COCO*_F.Doll_BloodyHands+ClawHeels_Peach  -NEW-

Horn : [CerberusXing] Spindle Antler - Raven  -NEW- @TSS
Hat and Hair : little bones. Faye - The Blend  -NEW- @C88
Girl : CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 03 / alicelostherhead RARE

Decor :
-Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {DARK/red} -NEW- @TMD

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CerberusXing tsg Naminoke Nana tomoto The Kawaii Project C L A Vv. Tableau Vivant Le Poppycock katat0nik Taketomi REMARKABLE OBLIVION LCKY {vespertine} ANGELICA C.C.Kre-ations Epic Sweet Thing monso / XIAJ / CURELESS [+] G.ID Violent Seduction elephante poses Ayashi RO .Shi Dura junk. ALTAIR Xin. Buzz oyasumi Blah Cute Poison Spellbound Suicide Dollz Beusame:: BURLEY Inertia Pekka MUKA {-Maru Kado-} ASO! Melon Bunny VinCue Apple Fall Wonton Silvery K MotiAme nefarious.inventions - .HoD. - VALE KOER Atomic Clemmm SOURIRES TATTOOS The Seasons Story violetta. D.A un Jour DYNASTY Quirky PinkFuel random Matter Lethal APHORISM Birdy Dead apple HEXtraordinary Mikunch NS Nox. ORIGAMI [Breno] tea.s B.C.C CR ..::( siratama )::.. .r.M. LaGyo little bones PANTSU HUNTER Reverie UBUME x ORIGAMI W&R Buttery Toast GAMI GACHA The Big Show [ zerkalo ] alterego tag. Bon Voyage Le Primitif Level Up Nox Reckless Slink TRUTH Zenith .:revival:. AYAKASHI YOKOCHO Amai DIRAM Japonica-和物市- Lubbly Jubblies Mato. PiAD QweenB SOUEN TaketomiWEST [Soul Mates] antielle elska se//mi +PIERO+ ContraptioN Dead Apples FreshFace HEX APPEAL Kustom9 Loud Mouth MANDALA QE Designs REIGN SNAP Ten Thousand & Co. konpeitou olive tram Anatomy BunBun COLLABOR88 Chary Due FLite Kawaii PonPon Lovey Dovey Mement mori Milk PANIK SweetThings Thalia Heckroth The Mens Dept The Naightmare W-ZERO [tanakamura - kagu] eSSe junk *:..eyecandy..:* 2PM 8f8 AUTOPSY Cocoon Dark Style Fair LAZY DAY Lelutka Lolas Lovely Disarray Magika May's Soul SU! Soonsiki Space Mermaid Tentacio The Arcade The Gacha Mania Trap VN tapi !lamb. (r)M 1 Hundred 11:11 A&A AMITOMO Alchemy CCB Cosmetic Fair District 5 EatersComa Enfant Terrible Essences Fawn's Demise GABRIEL Go & See Go&See Kowai PonPon LAB737 MYMX Manga fair NO CONSEPT O.M.E.N Oh My Gacha Oh My Gacha! Pastel Goth Fair ROM Rotten Toe RunAway Design Skin Fair So-Hai Sooth StrawberryJam The Chapter Four The Forge UMEBOSHI Wasabi Pills adored kik kokorotayori lamb ni.ju theSkinnery (NO) (r)M Hair 22769 ::K:: ::no13:: AITUI ARGRACE Aesthetica BLANK LINE Bella Elephante Besom Bodify Bokeh BubblePoP Cannibelle CheerNo D!va DROP. Deadwool DeeTaleZ Del May EMO-tions Eaters Coma Erotigacha Exile FaMEShed Fruct0se Gacha Gang/Cold Glance Hair fair Happu Undead Happy Undead Hello Sunshine Fair Hollipocket Howl ILLMATIC INVADER ISON Illusions Intrigue Co KAGAMI KIRA KIRA -Twinkle star Party KOOQLA Kibitz Kimono Magazine AKATSUKI Kings & Queens L'Accessoires LOVE RE ME LOVE SOUL Loud Luckies L’accessoires M-NUS MAGIC NOOK MALO MORAN MYNX MaiOwn! Maitreya Memo MishMish Mouth N21 NOIR NRage Studio NV N°21 OMG Oneword Pink Acid Pink Sugah PopTart Purple Candy RMK Razor SAIKIN SORGO SOURIRES TATOOS SPECTRUM SPIRIT Scrub She & Him SpiritStore Suger Summerfest TEN The Candy Shop The Freak Show The Labyrinth The ShowRoom The Skinnery The Thrift Shop Thrift Shop UTILIZATOR UtopiaH WE <3 RP WTG WickedNight Yummy ami-ami amiga amigo erratic fashionably dead fd geek mimpi more more pr!tty sexZ slterego uber whatever